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Rainwater Collection Systems

Your home truly is your castle.  It shelters you and your family, provides a place for you to entertain and relax, reflects who you are to visitors, welcomes you after a  long day, and gives you a sense of pride and comfort that's unmatched by any other single possession.

It can also give you something quite tangible: water.

Agritek inc.

When you capture the rain that falls on your roof  and use it to care for your garden, landscaping, household maintenance and even to provide you drinking water, you're choosing to make the most of your home while also caring for the environment.  You reduce your municipal water bills and water supply dependence, improve the health of your garden and plants by using cleaner water to nourish them, and enjoy the satisfaction that comes from living a more sustainable, self-reliant lifestyle.

AgriTek makes it easy for you to capture the water from your property.  We offer a wide range of solutions for homes and our experts will design a precise system that fits your goals and budget.  From simple tanks that filter and pump water for hand watering to more sophisticated systems that provide reliable drinking water inside homes, AgriTek gives you the power to have your own clean private water supply.

​If you are ready to make some home improvements or are in the process of building a home, consider the advantages of rainwater collection:

     ~ Most of our systems utilize the well water and rainwater configuration.  Rainwater is used for the house only and the

        well water is used for everything else

     ~ Reduce your dependency on expensive municipal water supplies and delivery systems

     ~ ​A perfect solution to poor quality well water with problems such as salts, high tds, iron, and sulfur

     ~ Rainwater may be used for household and poor quality well water may be used for irrigation

     ~ Avoid watering ban restrictions

     ~ Protect your garden and landscaping from droughts

     ~ Solve erosion problems or problems with flooding

     ~ Provide chlorine-free, contaminant-free water for growing fresh vegetables, colorful annuals, hearty shrubs and

        beautiful shade trees (there is simply no better water than rainwater for your plants)

     ~ Upgrade your landscaping without worrying about losing your investment due to watering bans or lack of water

     ~ Use rainwater inside of your house and further reduce your dependence on the municipal water supply

     ~ Be as self sufficient and off the water grid as possible

​AgriTek is a licensed water well pump installer TXLI# 54960